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Created by an anxiety sufferer to help other anxiety sufferers.

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Calm down more quickly during an anxiety attack using one of our simple methods

My Safe Zone helps anxiety and panic attack sufferers regain control of their breath and their thoughts during moments of high stress, anxiety or panic. Assisted breathing, positive affirmations, calming animations and soothing sounds are all there to support you.

We are not a meditation app, we don’t claim to stop anxiety or panic in general, but we do give you a go-to app to use when it strikes.


We have put together a collection of strategies that we personally use to help us through an anxiety or panic attack.

Panic Patterns

Panic Patterns Breathing

This section is designed to assist you in regaining control of your breath during moments of high anxiety or panic. Follow the pattern on screen and you will be guided through common breathing sequences that are shown to help calm and regulate breathing. The pattern repeats 4 times.

One pattern is available to all users and subscribers can customize their breath sequence.

Calming Animations

Calming Animations for Anxiety Sufferers

My Safe Zone has a set of silent animations you can watch to help you tune out the world during moments of high anxiety or panic. The animations do not have sound specifically to help you focus only on the movement in the animation.

You do not need to be a subscriber to watch all of the animations

Positive Affirmations for anxiety relief

Panic Buddy

Everyone should have a person they are comfortable calling when they are experiencing moments of anxiety or panic. My Safe Zone incorporates their contact details into the app both as a reminder that you are able to call someone and to make it easy for you to simply click and call them. This functionality is only available to subscribers.

Positive Affirmations for anxiety relief

Positive Affirmations

My Safe Zone offers a set of regular affirmations that are often used to help anxiety sufferers calm downduring an anxiety attack.

Subscribers can edit these or add their own affirmations.


Soothing Sounds

We provide a set of sounds that can be listened to as background ‘white’ noise to help reduce anxiety or panic.



We run an ad-free app.  This means that you won’t be served ads that can trigger your anxiety whilst using our app.

The majority of our app is free to use, and does not ask for any personal details upfront before you start using it.  So, if the first time you download the app is during an anxiety attack, don’t worry you get straight to the help you need.

We do offer premium benefits for the lowest subscription rate we can.  But we do need to still pay for the maintenance and development of the app.  Don’t worry if you can’s subscribe we appreciate if you can share the app with as many people as you can so that we can reach and help a wider audience.

User Reviews

Find Your Calm

We all experience chaos.  Some days you can cope with it, other days you can’t.

My Safe Zone can help on the days you feel you can’t.

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Beautifully Designed, Simple to Use



Guided Breathing for Anxiety


Calming anxiety animations





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Control your breathing

Controlling your breathing is the first step in regaining control during a panic or anxiety attack.

Look at positive images

Keeping some photos that make you feel happy easily accessible goes a long way in easing anxiety

Calm your thoughts

A simple technique I regularly use to try and control the thoughts that become uncontrollable during a panic attack.

Watch repetitive ​animations

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