We understand what it feels like to have a panic attack.

We have created My Safe Zone to allow you to find relief during a panic attack, quickly and easily.

High anxiety moments in public can be controlled from your phone. Any onlookers will think you are simply sending a text message, checking your social media accounts or playing a game.


Control your breathing

Focusing on your breath is the quickest way to start regaining control during a panic attack.


Calm your thoughts

While it is more difficult to calm your thoughts, affirmations help you do so.


Listen to sounds

White noise, the sound of a fan, rain falling, there are many sounds around us that help with anxiety distraction.


Calming Animations

Watching a repetitive animation is a great way to distract your thinking and calm your breath.


Phone a friend

Phone a friend, call a councillor, message a helpline. Reaching out is a brave thing to do.


Techniques to help you regain control during high anxiety or panic filled moments.

The following techniques are ones we have felt have helped us personally during moments of high anxiety, stress or panic.

How to decrease anxiety while washing your hands.

During the current pandemic, many of us are feeling an increase in our general anxiety and particularly our health anxiety. For people new to this kind of persistent anxiety, one of the ways of regaining control is to focus on your breathing. We are all washing our hands diligently, but take the time while washing your hands to focus on your breathing, and to [...]

Using a Microwavable Wheat Bag for Anxiety Relief

A microwaveable Wheat Bag is a great natural way to help reduce anxiety particularly if used at night before going to bed.

Quotes anxiety sufferers will understand

I can get lost on Pinterest for hours on end reading through inspirational quotes.  Here are a few I have found and used for my own inspiration (and Instagram account) Truth be told, there have been attacks where I didn't think I would make it through.  Where I was convinced it was the end and something fatal was about to befall me. I was [...]

Control your breathing

Controlling your breathing is the first step in regaining control during a panic or anxiety attack.

Look at positive images

Keeping some photos that make you feel happy easily accessible goes a long way in easing anxiety

Calm your thoughts

A simple technique I regularly use to try and control the thoughts that become uncontrollable during a panic attack.

Watch repetitive ​animations

Watching repetitive animations while you are feeling anxious is a great way to start taking back control.

Play games to calm anxiety and ease panic

Playing simple, repetitive games on your phone can sometimes help when you feel the onset of an anxiety or panic attack.

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