We are thinking big.

We are a small IT and Web development company based in South Africa.

Our aim is to help Anxiety and Panic Attack sufferers around the world.

We understand what it is like to be caught in the panic or anxiety and feel like there is no way out, and while we cannot provide a cure, we can provide assistance.

Our app is currently in development but we have high hopes that this hands-on visual and physical feedback system will help thousands of people around the globe.

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Breathing Techniques

Instant reminders on how to breathe during a Panic or Anxiety Attack

Soothing Sounds

A collection of sounds that assist in calming you down during an attack

Plus More

Some first to market ideas to assist a person during a panic or anxiety attack

We are Available Worldwide

Our App is currently available in the Apple App Store on Google Play, visit our download page to get the link to your app store.

We try and support as many people as we can, if you would like to assist us in translating the app into your native language, please get in touch.


Bridget Haley

Director RockIT88

A panic attack sufferer, and survivor, I first came up with the idea of My Safe Zone after a panic attack.

The process of anxiety and recovery is a long and arduous one and while I am on the road to recovery, I haven't reached the ultimate goal yet.

Thank you for choosing to allow us into your space while you are distressed - we hope that we can help.