Play games to calm anxiety and ease panic

When I start to feel the tell-tale symptoms of my anxiety building, I often step away from what I am doing and play a few quick rounds of a game on my phone.  I think that there are so many soothing games available on the app store.

I normally have more than one “on the go” at a time as often the games I download have a certain number of turns or lives you can use at one go before you have to wait.

My current favourites are:

Pet Rescue Saga

One of the reasons I like Pet Rescue has little do with the gameplay itself and lots to do with the haptic feedback from the game.  When you click on one of the pets your phone vibrates and I find the vibration soothing.

Pet Rescue is developed by, you can download it from lots of app stores, see the Website for details.

Pet Rescue Screenshot
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Pet Rescue Screenshot
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Pet Rescue Screenshot
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Matchington Mansion

This is a match 3 adventure (where you also get to decorate a home with the rewards from winning levels).  I tend to spend more time playing the levels and then save up the rewards and decorate and follow the storyline probably once a week.

But again, it’s about more than the game play that helps with the anxiety.  I love, absolutly love, the animations when you make a match.  They are very sunshiny and happy.  You also receive positive feedback even though you’re losing a level.  Brilliant.  Luxurious.  Fantastic.

Love this game

Visit their Facebook page to find out more

Matchington Mansion Screenshots

Toy Blast

Toy blast is also a match 3 style game, but the main character in this game has the most wonderful expressions.

There are two in particular that I absolutely love, the first: if you are about 3 moves away from losing a level she looks so sad and despondent, but if you manage to win in those 3 moves she changes to a happy face.  I always think to myself, “Look how happy I’ve made her”

The second is when you win a level. The animation is wonderful.  Never has an on-screen game character looked so happy.  And without realising it, you feel happier too.


Toy Blast Screens
Image © Toy Blast & Peak Games


This is my fall-back go-to game, you can play it “mindlessly” for ages without losing lives (it is ad supported).

inspired by Gabriele Cirulli game available on the web: at

Visit Ketchapp games

2048 Game Screenshots
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While playing games won’t cure anxiety (and actually if I spend too much time playing, I end up feeling very down), in those moments when you can feel an attack coming – it sometimes acts as a very good distraction.

Let me know what games you love.

PS I am not affiliated to these games in any way, nor do I benefit financially from sending traffic to their sites or to their games.

Image by Geralt from Pixabay

Bridget is one of the developers of the My Safe Zone - Panic and Anxiety Assistance App. She is a panic attack sufferer, and survivor.