Using a Microwavable Wheat Bag for Anxiety Relief

I have always looked for alternative forms of relief for any medical issue I am facing. I am not a big fan of medication unless it is absolutely necessary.

My diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis came after a long period of extreme pain, particularly in my knees and hips.

In the weeks leading up to my diagnosis, I could barely walk, and I could not get comfortable at night to sleep. Seriously, lying down was so ridiculously painful. My mom brought me through a wheat bag to help alleviate the pain, and it did help.

The other benefit I found from using it, however, was a huge reduction in anxiety at night. When I was no longer in pain, I still brought the wheat bag to bed with me (it even comes on vacation with me).

The combination of weight and heat really makes a difference to night-time anxiety. In Summer I don’t bother heating it and it still helps.

Because this is the internet… here is my disclaimer about Wheat Bags.

  • This isn’t medical advice, this is my opinion.
  • If you make a Wheat Bag yourself, be careful.
  • If you heat a Wheat Bag, be careful.
  • If you use a Wheat Bag, be careful.
  • If you have any medical condition that you are seeing a Health Care Practitioner for, please speak to them.

DIY Wheat Bag

I can’t sew.  Well, I suppose I could if I really put my mind to it because I believe we can do anything.  But I am lazy so here are a few tutorials by other clever people on how to make one for yourself.

I don’t make anything from the referral to these two websites.

Daisynics Recipes & DIY Crafts

A super simple to follow video, the only thing I would add in is she says “any material you have” but … please make sure that the material is natural (cotton, linen or hemp) and avoid things like polyester which can melt

You can find her on Facebook here


lizziecharlton on instructables
© lizziecharlton on instructables

If you prefer to read, instructable also has a super easy to follow tutorial by Lizzie Charlton which uses rice instead of wheat.

There are 8 easy steps to follow, including some prep regarding adding the essential oils you would like to use.

View the tutorial (with images) on Instructables




Buy a Wheat Bag

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Pink Tartan Luxury Unscented Microwave Cotton Wheat Bag

  • A cotton tartan fabric. Unscented microwave wheat bag. Used for hot and cold therapy. Re-usable hot pack for aches and pains.
  • The wheat pack is from a colourful new range of products made exclusively by us. The wheat bag is filled with wheat from Norfolk, England.
  • Wheat bags are filled with wheat which when heated may appear damp for first few uses, can be towel dried.
  • A natural drug-free solution for pain relief. Recommended by therapists for pain, injuries, aches and relaxation.
  • Gently heat by microwave or cool in a freezer, shaped to mould itself to any part of the body, making it easy to target the pain or therapy


Amazing Health is a family run business in the UK.

The Original Microwaveable Herbal Heat Pack

  • The soft aroma of lavender essential oil combined with the gentle radiation of heat is sure to provoke deep relaxation and ease stubborn aches and pains.
  • Fully microwavable.
  • Luxurious durable fabric.
  • Simply warm in the microwave to release the soothing and relaxing lavender fragrance and use as a hot compress on sprains, strains, aches, pains anywhere on your body.
  • Complies to British Safety standard BS 8433:2004

Bridget is one of the developers of the My Safe Zone - Panic and Anxiety Assistance App. She is a panic attack sufferer, and survivor.